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16 Spectacular Game Franchises That Can Sell On Name Alone

Let’s be honest, there are plenty of spectacular game franchises that can sell on name alone. We all have bought games because it had a certain name attached to it. Here is my big confession, I am looking forward to Diablo Immortal. I know, I’m crazy, its basically a clone of another mobile game, but I mean, it’s Diablo related of course I’m going to try it out.

The developers know this as well, that’s why they try to attach the game’s names to mobile games as well. Or attach that name to games that play nothing like the series, like the 2D Assassin’s Creed games. We all are guilty of this, probably more than we care to admit. We love the franchises so much, that we can become blinded.

Like most franchises, they are plenty of toys and merchandise that comes along with it. Some of these franchises have had cartoons, spin-offs, movies, and board games. Anyways, let’s get into the spectacular game franchises that sell on name alone.

*Note: This list is in no particular order.*

1. The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda series has been around for 3 decades. It’s reasonable that The Legend of Zelda would become a household name. Nintendo has released Ocarina of Time so many times, and I probably bought them every chance that I got. I’m surprised they haven’t released a mobile game yet.

There is a remake of Link’s Awakening coming soon to Switch as well. Everyone who played it many many years ago will buy it, and the younger audience who doesn’t know the original is going to want it just because of the name. Some might not even know it is a remake.

2. Halo

Microsoft’s mascot and flagship game: Halo. Halo is what made Xbox Live what it is today. All Microsoft has to do is attach Halo to a game case and boom, the value just jumped up. Everyone remembers Halo: ODST? It was a $30 game that had a small campaign and came with Halo 3’s multiplayer and firefight.

The only reason people bought it was to get into the Halo: Reach beta. Yup, we all are a bunch of idiots, we paid $30 for a beta basically. Firefight was fun, but everyone went back to Halo 3’s multiplayer when the beta was done.

Halo Wars was also a thing. Let’s take the lore of Halo and turn it into a real-time strategy game like Command and Conquer. Honestly, Halo Wars wasn’t that bad, it was fun for a while. It also made enough money to warrant a sequel, many people must have gone out and bought it.

3. God of War

God of War has become Sony’s staple and flagship game. Back in the day, it might have been Crash Bandicoot or Twisted Metal but now, God of War games are sure to sell like crazy. The most recent God of War has received so much praise and racked up so many awards I’m sure it is even bigger than it used to be.

When the Sony PSP released everyone knew that a God of War game was inevitable. In comes, God of War: Chains of Olympus selling enough to receive a sequel 2 years later.

4. Mario

Super Mario Bros., Super Smash Bros., Mario Paint, Mario Tennis, Super Mario Strikers, Mario Golf, Mario and Sonic at The Olympic Games, Mario Party, Mario RPG, Mario Kart, Mario Baseball. I mean COME ON! Mario has been in more sports games than Madden has had games (I’m exaggerating, I might be right though).

The brand of Mario is so huge that his little brother is able to get his own game because people associate Luigi with Mario. Mario is the perfect example of being such a powerhouse that he can basically sell any game that his name is attached to.

Just throw Mario in as a guest character and watch the game fly off the shelves. Does anyone remember him in SSX and NBA Street? Yup, Mario has been in almost every sport in the world. Man’s got skills.

5. Call of Duty

Call of Duty, the Madden of first-person shooters. I can say that I skipped out on some Call of Duty games, I prefer Treyarch’s games honestly, but they still sell like crazy. Call of Duty releases basically the same game every year and people continue to buy it. I love Black Ops 4, not gonna lie.

They recently announced a Call of Duty mobile game. Am I going to try it out? DUH! Are you going to try it out? DUH! If they can bring the Call of Duty experience to mobile than that would be extraordinary, no matter how much we all hate on Call of Duty every year.

6. Mortal Kombat

My favorite game franchise of all time, I will buy anything with Mortal Kombat in the name. I made that mistake with Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, that was the biggest disappointment I have ever experienced in a Mortal Kombat game. Luckily, I never played Special Forces.

Of course, that didn’t stop me from buying every Mortal Kombat game released. Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe was fun, but it lacked what made Mortal Kombat so unique: The Violence. And yet people still bought it. I’m pretty sure people wanted more for the Mortal Kombat characters than the DC characters.

I buy Mortal Kombat games on blind faith, I pre-ordered Mortal Kombat 11 and it’s Kombat Pass as soon as possible. Yup, I spent $100 before I basically knew anything about the game or it’s DLC characters. It was money well spent, I enjoy Mortal Kombat 11 very much. I wonder if this is what it feels like to be a KPOP fan? Just blindly buying things based on name brand alone.

7. The Elder Scrolls

This series has always had a great track record and is considered a stable for open world RPGs. The Elder Scrolls series has always focused on single player and its main games, but recently that has changed. Elder Scrolls Online is still going strong with numerous expansions.

Elder Scrolls Blades is the next single-player Elder Scrolls game….. for mobile. While people say the game is fun, the microtransactions are heavily forced. Yeah, this probably will work out for Bethesda, considering how big the franchise is. Someone is going to be spending money. Finally, Elder Scrolls Legends is a card game based on the world and lore of the Elder Scrolls series.

8. Fallout

Fallout 76 was a big mess, we all know it. Will that stop us from buying Fallout 5? Heck no. You all can say that it will, but it won’t. Fallout will be back on top, once they get away from online crap and bring back a story with NPCs.

Fallout 76 has sold around 1.5 to 2 million copies from reports, but no official word from the publishers. However, that isn’t necessarily bad, but it is bad for a Fallout game. With Fallout 4 selling way more than that.

Fallout Shelter is also a thing. A mobile game where players build and take control of their own vault and vault dwellers. It is fun and unique, but I’m pretty sure no one would have given it any attention if Fallout wasn’t in the name. It currently has over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and probably more on the Apple Store. The power of Fallout knows no bounds.

9. Diablo

As I stated earlier, Diablo is a staple ARPG. I also stated that I am looking forward to Diablo: Immortal. This game has so much controversy behind and I’m sure it will get review bombed but, I’m pretty sure many people will still continue to try it out. I’m mean many people wanted Diablo 4, but a Diablo game in your pocket sounds nice too, right?

10. Final Fantasy

Here is another to join the list of spectacular game franchises that can sell on name alone. Final Fantasy has been around for many years. It has had its ups and downs throughout the years, but it still continues to make money and gaining new fans with every entry. Final Fantasy has not 1, not 2, NOT 3, but several games on mobile.

Not only are some of the console ports available on Google Play Store and Apple Store, but they have many free to play titles as well. Such as Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, Brave Exvius, and Record Keeper. All of these games feature characters from the entire franchise. Sounds like we got a recipe for making more money.

11. Pokemon

Much like Mario, Pokemon is a freaking powerhouse. Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon (Insert any color here), and Pokken Tournament. Let’s not forget the behemoth that is Pokemon Go. That game took over the world for a moment. Pokemon can be attached to any game and sell somewhat decently.

Pokemon has cartoons, trading card games, and plenty of merchandise, why not cash in on the people who going to go out and buy your product on no matter what?

12. Star Wars

“May the force be with you”. You gonna need when it comes to Star Wars. Star Wars will get anyone and everyone to spend money on it somehow. While Star Wars isn’t a game franchise, it is so big that it has had many games. Plenty of mobile games that have been successful. Plenty of console games that have been successful. Movies, cartoons, board games, and so many toys.

Star Wars have also had plenty of terrible games, but people were still interested because of the Star Wars name. It has been in every type of media possible and usually finds success.

Star Wars fans are some of the most “extreme” fans you will ever see. While most people probably aren’t big fans like they are, they will still buy most Star Wars merchandise based on the brand. It doesn’t hurt that Star Wars appeals to all audiences.

13. Gears of War

Gears of War exploded on the scene when it released on Xbox 360 in 2006. It has now grown into a huge franchise. While it hasn’t released many spin-offs, they are coming. Gears POP! is a mobile game releasing sometime this year. Gears Tactics is a game like X-Com that is being developed, no release date so far though.

I honestly would not have any care in the world for a game like Gears POP!, but I will give it a go because of the Gears of War name. I absolutely love tactical games though, throw in some Gears of War characters and the game is already on my watchlist.

14. Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed has had over 15 games since first being released in 2007. That is quite a lot of games. You know what? Each game keeps making money. That’s why Ubisoft keeps pumping them out so quickly because people keep buying them. I have to admit, each main game is definitely fun and is all around great games.

However, that can’t be said for some other Assassin’s Creed games.

Assassin’s Creed Chronicles trilogy might have the name, but they were not as good as the main games, to say the least. Well, they still did alright considering they had a smaller budget and they still focused on the story and lore of Assassin’s Creed. Ubisoft also released Assassin’s Creed Rebellion which has over 5 million downloads on Google Play Store.

15. Grand Theft Auto

Here is a franchise that many people didn’t know about until Grand Theft Auto 3. If Grand Theft Auto 5 is any indication, this franchise isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Grand Theft Auto has had some spin-offs as well. Vice City, Vice City Stories, Liberty City Stories, Chinatown Wars, and San Andreas. Some of these came out for PSP and DS.

All of these sold somewhat good, based on the system it was on. San Andreas obviously sold a lot, considering it was on the best selling games back then. I got to admit GTA spin-offs have more love put into them then most games, but no one would not have cared about these games if the GTA name wasn’t attached.

16. Resident Evil

Another one of my favorite video game franchises. Resident Evil has had 7 main games, more if you count the remakes, and a billion different spin-offs. Some were great, most were not. Revelations series were pretty good, the rest such as Operation Raccoon City was not what everyone expected.

Resident Evil has always been a juggernaut in the gaming industry and it will continue to be that even with mediocre spin-offs. If Capcom keeps making spin-offs, it can only mean that they are getting their money back from the spin-offs. I wonder why because we keep buying any game with Resident Evil in the name.

We have also recently seen Capcom remake and remaster certain Resident Evil titles. Resident Evil 2 Remake being the most recent. Resident Evil 1 has been released on DS and been remade for the Gamecube AND then remastered for PS4 and Xbox One…….. I have bought all of them.

What is it that makes us buy games based on the brand? I have done it before, I see a game and don’t think much of it, but another developer does with a brand that I like and I am all over it.

What do you all think? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

Originally published at on May 11, 2019.

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